Towers on the ridge

BRAARC Supported Repeaters


WDEE Tower

WDEE Tower

146.740 MHz – offset

The BRAARC 2 meter repeater is located in NE Newaygo County. It transmits on 146.74 with a – offset. The BRAARC repeater shares a tower with WDEE and the Independent Repeater Associations (IRA) Big Rapids 2 meter link repeater. The IRA operates this linked repeater as part of the IRA link system which operates on 145.29 MHz.

The repeater uses two DB224 4 bay Dipole Array antenna at 150 feet for receiving and 120 feet for transmitting. The system uses a CAT1000 controller and Yeasu DR-1 in FM mode: 20 watts. The repeater was relocated to a new site December 2018.  The old site DB224 transmit antenna was located at 180 feet and the Hustler G7 receive antenna was located at 120 feet.  The former MICOR Transmitter/Receiver was retired in 2016. The repeater auto patch capability was discontinued in 2018.  Additional repeater function information is available in the Repeater Operations guide.

The effective range is 30 miles but conditions may allow for longer transmitting distances.


FSU Cramer Hall

FSU Cramer Hall

443.900 MHz + offset

The 440 repeater is located on top of Cramer Hall on the campus of Ferris State University. It transmits on 443.9 MHz with a +5 offset.

The repeater uses a Diamond X-300NA dual band antenna mounted at 110 feet above the ground.  This antenna project included replacing the 50 feet of coax with DX Engineering 400Max Low Loss Coax.  The coax is secured to the building using stackable snap-in clamps with plastic inserts.  All connectors are “N” connectors and are weather sealed.  The Hustler Spirit, Fixed Station antenna by New-Tronics Ltd. was removed from service in July 2019 due to a high SWR condition. This repeater is controlled by a CAT1000 controller. The RF section is a Yeasu DR-1 in FM mode: 20 watts. The former Motorola Radius GM300 radios were retired in place in 2016. The repeater has auto patch capabilities and additional functions are available in the Repeater Operations guide.  The range of the repeater is +/-25 miles.

Diamond X-300NA

Diamond X-300NA

Echolink 389477 – 443.900 MHz + offset (currently off line)

The Echolink ( linking system is available on the 440 repeater.  You are able to connect to remote nodes around the world and they are able to connect to the 440 repeater.  Node Number:389477 or K8FSU-R

The on air commands are as follows:
DTMF C then the node number. (four to six digits)
DTMF #                Disconnect All: ##.
Link Down:
A123                Link Up: B123

52.860 MHz – Offset

The 6 meter repeater is on the air and transmits on 52.860 MHz with a -.5 offset.  The repeater is being relocated at this time.  Stand-by for more information about this repeater and it’s new location.  Donations are being accepted for the installation of a Peet Brothers Ultimeter Weather Station.

This Repeater uses a GE Executive II Tranceiver and a CAT200B Repeater Controller.

DTMF Keypad Test
Key-up, and enter [375], the DTMF keypad access code followed by the keypad numbers and letters to be tested.  The entries can be in any order.  Un-key, and the voice will read-back all numbers and letters that were decoded including  the “star” and “pound”.

Communication Nets

  • 70cm / 440 Net – Every Sunday evening at 7:30 PM
  • 2 Meter – Every Tuesday evening at 9:00 PM