2 Meter Repeater Update

The BRAARC 2 meter repeater once again has battery back-up capabilities.

2 meter repeater

2 meter repeater

On Tuesday, June 11, 2019 the technical department (KC8BAR & KD8DIB) made the trip up the access road to the repeater site.  Conditions were not the best but were passable.  A new battery shelf was fabricated off site prior to the visit and installed on the cabinet.  The new battery and battery box were delivered and placed on the new shelf.  The original battery charger was extensively cleaned and tested prior to returning to the site.

The team attached the new shelf to the cabinet to keep the battery off of the floor of the radio shack.  This is to prevent any condensation formed from impacting the floor and causing rot-out as was experienced in the old shack.  Everything looked great at the site.  The conditions in the new shack are a world apart from the prior site.  The only issue is the carpenter ants milling around the shack trying to determine where to build their next nest.

After completing the install and testing of the new battery back up system, a quick clean up of the shack took place.  An old mouse nest in a box of light bulbs was removed. Looked like it was brought over from the old shack in that condition.  As the new site is still quite sandy, the shack floor was swept to remove any sand tracked in.

Happy Hamming!