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Youth Activities
BRAARC supports community youth through many programs.  Licensing activites, Kids Day on the air, Field Day, Girls on the Run and 4H just to name a few.  Even the Youth Coordinator is a youth and a member of the BRAARC Board of Directors.
KD8KQC Introduces Ham Radio to CCA Students.
Students at Crossroads Charter Academy learn about amateur radio from Calvin, KD8KQC during assembly.  Youth are encouraged to join CCA Amateur Radio Club.  CCA students can contact the Principle Ross Meads to learn more about joining the club.
BRAARC Supports the Boy Scouts Jamboree on the Air.
KA4KOE from Georga explains what JOTA is via ND4XE's YouTube video.
George, W8OWN; David, KC8WGA; and Scouts from Big Rapids, Mi Troop 114 hunt for JOTA contacts with the BRAARC Club Station.  October 17, 2009
BRAARC Supports: 4H Technology Club Meeting - Projects: Scout Regen Reciever , Kids Day, and other technology projects.
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KD8KQC visits the Armstrong Air and Space Museum after attending the Dayton Hamvention just to learn a bit more about technology in space.
Club Members participate in Golden Packet Event to track hikers on the NCT.
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