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BRAARC Antenna Relocation

UPDATE: As of January 13, 2019 the BRAARC 2 meter repeater is fully operational in its home at the new tower site.  Early reports are exceptional and club members are ecstatic about the lack of static.  There are some reports that the propagation is better than ever.  Have you checked into a net yet?  Better yet, command this new power as net control.  Find the net preamble at the Repeater page or Quick Links page.

Towers on the ridge

Towers on the ridge

WDEE Tower

WDEE Tower

The Club along with WDEE and the IRA link system are in the process of moving to a new tower home. The process of relocating the multiple amateur antenna on the old tower started bright and early at 9AM on Friday and was substantially completed Saturday at 5PM. Both Club transmit and receive multi bay antenna were removed from the old tower, inspected, reconditioned, and transferred to the new tower. The 7/8 inch hard line feeding each antenna were also removed, inspected, reconditioned and transferred. The IRA also had multiple antenna that received the same treatment.

The repeater cabinet will also be inspected, cleaned and prepared for installation at the new site once WDEE is ready. There is more work to be completed before the repeater is back on the air. Expect the 2 meter repeater to be down for a week or two. Club members are working hard to get everything back operating. Thank you to those who have helped and to those who have donated funds.

Happy hamming.


440 Nets

Hello, local hams and 440 net participants.

Due to an equipment problem with the 440 repeater, all nets will be on the BRAARC 2M repeater until the situation can be resolved. It appears that the feed line to the antenna has a problem. As we discover additional details, we will let you know. At this time we do not have an estimated time for repairs. Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy the 2M repeater and we will get the 440 back on the air soon. (more…)

January-May 2019 Meeting Location Change


The meeting location for January through May 2019 has changed to the Mecosta-Osceola Central Dispatch Conference Room in Paris, Michigan.

Oh such fun we’ll have in Paris.  This will allows us to focus on some hands on activities and get some time in the ham shack.  We look forward to seeing all of you at the meetings.  The January meeting will include a program on net etiquette.  We hope you’ll join us for the fun.

Happy Hamming!